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        展覽搭建設計報價:18221629395 (QQ:820782677)










          Myoko exhibition is domestic very innovative strength display integration service provider, is committed to provide a full range of exhibition booth design to design the solution for the customers at home and abroad. We focus on exhibition special equipment, enterprise exhibition hall, the sales department, stores, science and Technology Museum, museum and other planning design and construction.

          Sincere service, communication and friendship, transfer enterprise unique culture and values, to create enterprise vision, create social value" myoko guidelines for action.

          Myoko exhibition company to thank all the support and love, let us continue to innovative thinking and sublimation of the concept of customer, intentions in every detail, play in every moment.

          We have always insisted the quality strategy,“ Not the largest, but the best ”, and try our best to build a modern enterprise with “ unique and quality ” products. We focus to business marketing thinking started to highlight the brand recognition, combined with the image of brand design, commercial plane visual focus, circulation, and commodity oriented planning, build commercial space design of the bright spot, selling, and focus.

          Professional team always think for the customer first step, what is the customer needs?" To understand the deepest needs of customers. In order to better serve customers, we use the characteristics of the team to take the project management system for the project, the immediate project service on your side.

        The company has covers an area of 5600 square meters of modern processing base and rich experience in project management and construction team to build, various types of clear division of labor, superb technology, stable and safe, for security projects, the execution ground, providing strong human and material resources to support.

          The exhibition team Kennedy, myoko deep qualifications profound, always keep young, positive understanding of customer needs. From the programming of the software and hardware of the venue, the exhibition space accuracy planning, site of professional construction equipment, supporting the exhibition resources and professional carpentry workshop, from planning to construction in one fell swoop, provide enterprises win everything required for the marketing battle, gives the enterprise image detailed life force.

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